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How Our Senior Placement Service Works

What Is a Senior Placement Agency?

The purpose of a senior placement agency is to help you find the facility that will be the best fit for your parents in every way. They take into account the level of care your parents need, the budget for care, location preferences, and available amenities. Any good agency will use the information they have about your parents’ needs and wants to find the best options for senior facilities for them.

The Benefits of a Senior Placement Agency

You want your parents to have the best care they can get. The thing you need the most to make that happen is time—time to research your options. Unfortunately for many adult children, time is one of the things they have the very least of. That’s one of the primary benefits of using a senior placement agency. They’ve done the research. They know a lot of the facilities, what the costs are like, what amenities they offer, the violations they’ve had, and more. Thorough research is even more critical if you don’t live nearby and won’t be able to tour the facilities before making a decision. Using a trusted senior placement service can go a long way towards making sure that your parents will be in a place that is a good fit for them.

Things to Consider When Using a Senior Placement Agency

Of course, not just any senior placement agency is going to be a good choice to go with. There are some things to consider and be aware of when choosing who to trust. One of the first things is making sure that clear communication is happening; there shouldn’t be a language barrier. They should also help you in a timely fashion. Additionally, the agency should be familiar with the area you’re looking at since that will help you get the options you need. Ideally, they should also understand how Medicare and Medicaid work. It’s important to note that referral agents are generally paid a placement commission from facilities when clients are placed with them. That can encourage some unscrupulous agents to send seniors to facilities that aren’t actually the best options. Take the time to research your agency carefully. It still takes time, but it will take less than researching all the facilities on your own will. Plus, the peace of mind can be well worth it.